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Backpack the World

World Cultural Packets

World Cultural Packets

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Introducing Our Classroom World Cultural Program

Learning about other cultures is an important part of developing an open mind and learning to understand and respect others’ lifestyles. It also increases a student’s ability to understand and solve problems from multiple points of view which is a vital part of critical thinking.

​The World Cultural Program for classrooms is for kids 9-15 years.

What is included in the Packets?

Each individual packet explores an individual country covering the country’s culture, politics, economy, language, vocabulary and more. Students are also given two virtual tours of the country that they can view on their computers. Everything from unique holidays celebrated, world renowned hikes to cultural icons performing. All of the pieces are student activity driven from reading to currency conversion to a backpackers challenge.

Each Country Packet Includes:

  • 6 Page, 4 color newsletter
  • Map of the Country
  • Two Virtual Tours of the Country
  • 6 Detective Cards: Identify, place, person, activity of that county
  • Currency Conversion Worksheet
  • Vocabulary of the Country Worksheet
  • Backpack the World Challenge
  • Personalized File Folder Cover Sheet
  • File Folder
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