Peace Interpreted Around the World

Over the centuries many cultures, religions, political movements and individuals have developed peace symbols to communicate peace, harmony and reconciliation.

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    • In Japan  (Japanese): 平和  Heiwa
    • In France  (French): Paix
    • In Italy (Italian): Pace
    • In Germany (German): Frieden
    • In Egypt (Arabic): سلام  Salām
    • In India (Hindu): शांति  Shaanti
    • In Turkey (Turkish): Barış
    • In Poland (Polish): Pokój
    • In Tibet (Tibetan): ཞི་བདེ  Zhi-bde
    • In Guatemala (Spanish): Paz
    • In Russia (Russian): Мир
    • In Israel (Hebrew): שָׁלוֹם  Shalom
    • In Netherlands (Dutch): Vrede
    • In Greece (Greek): Ειρήνη (iríni)
    • In Ireland (Irish): Síocháin
    • In China (Chinese): 和平  Hépíng
    • In Scotland (Scottish): Pace
    • In Wales (Welch): Heddwch