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Order the Norway Kit today! Read all about Norway in our 4 color, timely six-page newsletter, visit Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours in Norway, learn some dutch words, convert euros to dollars, learn about the Norwegian craft of rosemaling and actually try it, and get to cook a favorite recipe from our Around the World Series. Receive a letter from Nate your tour guide, giving an account of his stay in Norway. A  map of Norway is included so you can track Nate's travels. A set of Peace stickers (in Dutch) is included! Happy Travels!

Our boxes are designed for kids ages 9 to 15.

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  • Norway has a sweet Christmas tradition. Every year, the  Kingdom of Norway donates a Christmas tree to the UK. The  Norwegian spruce stands proudly in Trafalgar Square in London. This annual tradition goes back to 1947 and is a token of gratitude   for Britain supporting Norway during WWII.

  • Norway’s oil and gas industry has powered the economy but it doesn’t power the nation’s homes. Around 98% of Norway’s  domestic power usage is drawn from hydroelectric power plants.