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There’s a big world out there! Continue your enriching journey of exploration and learning with an ongoing subscription that keeps the adventure going. Watch young explorer curiosity grow with each country as you delve deeper into the marvels of diverse cultures worldwide. There are more memories to be had when learning and fun intertwine seamlessly!

  • Wanderer: $36.95 one time

    1 Month Starter Kit

    Get a captivating glimpse into the vibrant traditions, language, cuisine, and geography of one fascinating destination.

  • Adventurer: $31.85/month

    3 Month Subscription

    Discover a different country each month for 3 months, engaging in immersive experiences and collecting unique mementos along the way.

  • Explorer: $30.80/month

    6 Month Subscription

    Embark on a journey to a new destination every month, spanning 6 months, and indulge in interactive experiences and keepsake souvenirs.

  • Global Citizen: $29.75/month

    12 Month Subscription

    Explore a new country every month, over the course of an entire year, with hands-on activities, stories, and souvenirs.

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With the program you'll receive an individual packet for each country including Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, India, Guatemala, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Kenya, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Norway, and South Africa.

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