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Grandparent Kits

Grandparent Kits

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Travel to a new country every month with your grandchild......and don't leave home, unless you want to!

Give our popular Cultural Geography Kits to your grandchildren each month and start to explore the world with them… and you don’t even have to leave your house!

Make sure to specify both your grandchild’s address for the kit and your address for the newsletters and postcards at checkout!

The kits explore a new country every month from Japan to Greece. They feature a timely six-page newsletter reviewing each country's politics, business, culture, sports and geography. Includes cultural crafts and recipes, detailed maps and atlas, puzzles, currency exchange and awesome virtual tours. And a Backpack to store everything.

When we send your grandchild the kit each month, we will send you a corresponding six-page newsletter, so that you can read all about that country and a postcard from that country. On the postcard, you can share a personal travel story, share family ancestry from the country or send your grandchild another new fun fact about the country. This gives grandparents and grandchildren a great way to learn together, share stories and gives them a reason to stay in touch and carry on the conversation!!!

Designed for kids 9 to 15 years old. Developed by educators and designers that are passionate about travel. Choose your subscription:

Let your adventure begin.

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